3 dead after violent encounter stemming from couple’s divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Friday, September 21, 2018.

While the pressure and emotions associated with getting divorced will undoubtedly affect all separating couples at some point, it can reach an extreme in some cases that results in tension that could turn dangerous. Unfortunately, there are some people in Illinois who are so angry at how their marriage is ending and perhaps with their former spouse’s behavior, that they become violent and dangerous.

This is what happened in a recent case in Pennsylvania that left three people dead, including a man who was later identified as the perpetrator. It appears as though he was angry with how his divorce played out. People who knew the couple and investigators determined that after the couple’s divorce was finalized, the man was “set off.” He tried unsuccessfully to kill his ex-wife, but she was able to get away uninjured. Next, he entered a senior citizen facility where he murdered both of his parents.

Later on, in a dramatic shoot-out with police, he crashed into a house where he had previously lived. The residence was awarded to his ex-wife in the divorce. It is currently unknown if he died because of the car accident or because of police gunfire. The entire chain of events is still under investigation as authorities try to piece together the man’s life and reach a conclusion about why exactly he acted the way he did.

If people are involved in a divorce and are facing an uncertain future, they may benefit from the help of an attorney. A legal professional has all of the tools and experience to help divorcing couples to work through the legal process and achieve an outcome that is as beneficial for everyone as possible.

Source: Fox New Live, “Man found dead after killing parents, shooting at ex-wife following finalized divorce, officials say,” Katherine Lam, Elizabeth Zwirz and Dom Calicchio, Sept. 20, 2018

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