Considering co-parenting after divorce? Three tips for success.

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in child custody on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

Co-parenting is an arrangement that allows both parents to play an integral part in their child’s daily life after a divorce is finalized. This form of parenting has grown in popularity in recent years as research has shown that, barring any instances of abuse, children generally do best when both parents are actively involved in their upbringing.

In theory, co-parenting sounds great. The reality is not always as wonderful. You and your ex have chosen to move forward with a divorce for a reason. It can be difficult to put the frustrations that led to the divorce aside and move forward with a successful co-parenting agreement.

Proactive steps can help better ensure a successful transition. Parents are more likely to find success if the plan meets these three criteria:

  • Transparent. Have a clear agreement in writing. The plan should be very transparent. It should outline each parent’s obligations and responsibilities.
  • Candid. Voice any frustrations with the plan candidly, but attempt to be logical and put emotions aside. When these frustrations arise focus on finding a resolution. Perhaps a communication issue arises and a parent neglects to notify the other parent of an important extracurricular event or appointment. Find a resolution. One possibility: an online calendar that is easily accessible and editable by both parents.
  • Supportive. Although not directly connected to the plan, it is important for both parents to find a support system to help ease the transition into co-parenting after divorce. This could take on the form of family members, friends or a therapist. This transition is emotionally draining for all involved. Find the support you need to better ensure you can be the parent your child deserves.

It is important to have a well drafted parenting plan. An attorney experienced in these matters can help. Your lawyer will discuss various issues to address within the plan. This will mitigate the risk of any surprises after the divorce is finalized.

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