How can I be a better father?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in fathers’ rights on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

Being a good dad is more important than ever after a divorce. Many fathers struggle during this period, and as a result, they have concerns that they’re not maintaining a strong enough relationship with their kids. Very Well Family offers the following tips in this case, which can help fathers navigate the post-divorce period with aplomb.

Divorce is a huge life change for all involved. While it’s sometimes impossible to do so, it’s best for fathers to stay as close to possible to their children after a divorce has occurred. It’s much harder to be an effective parent from a great distance, especially when contending with things like work and school schedules. If you’re moving out of the family home, look for a new place that is close to your kids so you can be available when they need you. Even driving your children to and from school each day offers a rich opportunity for bonding.

If you have joint custody, you and your ex must find a way to work together. While it can be tough to be polite and respectful after a divorce, it will do you and your children a world of good. A parenting plan can help you and your ex come to terms on how the kids should be raised. It can also prevent squabbles regarding scheduling, as everything will already be decided.

If you’re ordered to pay child support, be sure to keep on payments. It’s both parents’ responsibility to provide financially for children and the court will look at many different factors when calculating the amount you must pay. If you’re having a hard time paying this amount, reach out to your legal team for assistance. It’s possible to have child support orders modified so you can keep up with your obligation without risking financial instability.

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