First month of the year consistently means more splits

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Monday, December 30, 2019.

If the holiday season meant some soul searching and the decision to end the marriage for some couples in Illinois, they are not alone. January, known as ‘divorce month”, has consistently meant a rise in divorce filings for a few years.

While the decision to file for divorce is not made overnight, the beginning of the new year, particularly the first half of the first month, has become a period where there is a visible rise in divorce. This might be due to people wanting to start over in the new year, getting out of a situation that just wasn’t working for them. It might also be a result of spending the holiday with extended family, while knowing that the marriage was falling apart, followed by a desire to never repeat that experience again.

For parents, the decision might be more complicated, as they try to avoid bad memories associated with the holidays for their kids. As a result, they might try to provide the kids with one last happy family holiday memory before deciding to end the marriage at the beginning of the year.

Experts recommend making some preparations before the filing, by researching the process and thinking about what they truly want. This might help make the process of the dissolution of the marriage a little less tense, although it will continue to be a difficult road. A support system of family and friends during the process might also help with protecting a person’s emotional well-being.

Because the process can be complicated, individuals who are thinking about going through with it might also speak with a lawyer with family law experience. The lawyer may be able to answer questions about the process, offer advice on the different ways the client might proceed and represent the client in negotiations with their ex and in court.

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