The possible benefits of divorce mediation

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce mediation on Friday, March 13, 2020.

Getting divorced can be emotionally painful regardless of how long individuals have thought about pursuing them. However, Illinois residents and others might be able to make the process of ending their marriages easier by working with mediators. One advantage of working with a mediator is that couples can decide for themselves when and where they want to meet. They may also be able to decide how long each mediation session should last.

Meetings are controlled events that are designed to help everyone remain calm and objective. The mediator is trained to help individuals avoid saying or doing anything that could be construed as confrontational. By avoiding conflict, individuals can avoid some of the stress and anxiety that might come with ending a relationship. It is especially important for those with children to remain as calm as possible during the divorce process.

This is because kids are likely to mirror the behavior that they see from their parents. Therefore, a parent who is stressed is likely going to result in a child who is stressed as well. Opting for mediation as opposed to a divorce trial may help a person save thousands of dollars. A divorce attorney might cost up to $20,000 while the trial itself could cost up to $200,000. Typically, mediators charge as little as $7,000 to help settle a divorce.

Divorce mediation may be ideal for those who want to dissolve their marriage in an affordable and timely manner. A mediator may be able to help guide settlement talks so that more time is spent discussing important issues, and less time is spent on personal attacks. In some cases, the ability to speak freely may help minimize the emotional pain that a divorce may be causing an individual to feel.

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