How do you get a divorce in Illinois?

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Getting a divorce is already fraught with anxiety. Learning more about the actual process of dissolving your marriage in Illinois can make it easier to understand what’s happening — and what needs to happen next — before you can proceed. Let’s talk about some of the basics.

Can you get a “no-fault” divorce in Illinois?

Yes. Like other states, Illinois has a “no-fault” option. If you’ve separated from your spouse for at least two years or you assert that there’s been an irretrievable breakdown in your marital relationship, you don’t have to prove that you have specific “grounds” for the divorce, like your spouse’s adultery or alcoholism.

How long does an Illinois divorce take?

Ultimately, divorce isn’t a quick process — but an uncontested divorce is usually over in a matter of months. By comparison, a contested divorce — one in which a couple is unable to agree on terms involving support, the division of assets and custody — can easily take more than a year to resolve.

How much does a divorce cost in Illinois?

According to the most recent figures, the average cost of divorce in this state is around $13,800 for a couple with no children. Couples with kids can expect their divorces to cost around $20,700 each. That’s not to say, however, that your divorce will cost the same. Much of the cost of a divorce can be defrayed or absorbed if a divorcing couple resolves to work together to make the split simple and fair.

Discuss your situation with a family law attorney who can help you best identify the major concerns associated with your divorce and advice that’s tailored to your specific situation.

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