Finding the right attorney to handle the questions surrounding your divorce can be challenging. It is vital to ensure the attorney you hire has sufficient experience handling the type of case you currently face. If you are ready to divorce in Bloomington, IL and need legal representation, there are a few key questions you should prepare to ask before securing the services of any attorney.

Time is a critical factor when preparing for a family law matter, and it is always worth researching your options for legal counsel. While you do not want to wait too long to secure legal counsel, it is important to be discerning in your search for an attorney. Take advantage of free or discounted consultation offers and ask potential attorneys these important questions to determine which lawyer is right for you:

“What Level of Experience Do You Have With This Type of Case?”

Experience is one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a Bloomington, IL divorce attorney. While there are many new attorneys who are exceptionally talented and dedicated to their clients, it is always best to choose legal counsel with solid experience handling cases like yours. Every divorce is different, and your case may unfold in a way that a more experienced attorney will be better suited to handle. Ask a potential attorney about their experience with family law in Illinois, as well as their past handling of divorce cases like your own.

“How Do You Expect My Divorce Case to Proceed?”

A good attorney will help you understand the options you have for handling your divorce. This question can also help you gauge the attorney’s legal philosophy and approach to handling your case. For example, many divorcing couples throughout the US are taking advantage of divorce mediation and alternative dispute resolution to save time and money compared to the expense of litigation. A good Bloomington, IL divorce attorney will encourage clients to explore alternative dispute resolution to help them save time and money on their divorce case.

“Do You Notice Any Unique Factors in My Case?”

Every couple is different, and every divorce case is unique. An experienced Bloomington, IL divorce attorney should be able to identify the challenges, risks, and opportunities present in your case and help you interpret them. The attorney’s answer to this question can help you approach the case with greater confidence and prepare for the legal proceedings ahead. Your attorney can also highlight aspects of your divorce that you may have overlooked. Additionally, your attorney may provide insight concerning aspects of your case to help you feel more comfortable with your legal position.

“How Long Do You Expect My Divorce Case to Last?”

The longer your divorce proceedings continue, the more expensive your legal fees will be, but a good attorney will strive to streamline your divorce case as much as possible. Most divorce lawyers encourage clients to take advantage of alternative dispute resolution like mediation to help avoid the time and cost of litigation. Unfortunately, litigation may be necessary in some cases, such as those involving domestic violence or high net worth with complex assets. A quality attorney will examine the facts of your case, help you evaluate the potential of alternative dispute resolution, and determine what level of litigation you might expect.

“What Is Your Professional Opinion of My Divorce Case?”

One of the best things to ask a potential Bloomington, IL divorce attorney is their honest interpretation of your case. A skilled attorney will be clear and honest in their view of your legal position. While the attorney may tell you some things you do not want to hear, it is vital to approach your divorce case with a clear understanding of what to expect. Your attorney should offer clarity during an uncertain time.

“Should I Consider Mediation?”

Whenever mediation is an option in a divorce case, a Bloomington, IL divorce attorney will strongly recommend their client to take advantage of this form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation allows you and your spouse to privately negotiate the terms of your divorce in a low-pressure atmosphere. Instead of enduring a prolonged court battle, the two of you can discuss the terms of your divorce under the guidance of a neutral mediator. Mediation may only take a few weeks before you and your spouse have a drafted divorce agreement, whereas litigation can take several months or even years for a complex divorce.

Remember, there are a few things you cannot settle through divorce mediation. For example, the court must rule on child custody and child support matters due to the court’s legal duty to protect the best interests of children involved. Your attorney can provide more specific and detailed guidance as to what you can expect from mediation in your unique divorce case.

“What Happens After My Case Ends?”

Family law is unique in that a divorce decree does not necessarily mean the absolute end of your relationship with your ex. Instead, the two of you may likely need to revisit some aspects of your divorce in the future, whether it pertains to child custody, child support, or alimony. Cultivating a strong relationship with your Bloomington, IL divorce lawyer will ensure a skilled attorney will be ready to assist you should you need to modify your family court order via post-judgment motion.

Filing a post-judgment motion to increase, decrease, or terminate child support, alter a spousal support agreement, or argue for adjusted custody rights is a more straightforward process than you might expect. Your Bloomington, IL divorce attorney can help you determine when you have solid grounds to file the post-judgment motion you need for a more suitable court order. Ask a potential attorney about their approach to this type of situation and whether you would expect to file a modification in the future.

Consult a Bloomington, IL Divorce Attorney

These questions are just a few examples of important things to ask any divorce lawyer before agreeing to their legal counsel. Take time to develop more detailed questions about your unique circumstances and take full advantage of your initial consultation with a potential attorney.