The importance of dads in children’s lives

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in fathers’ rights on Saturday, January 12, 2019.

Despite shifts in people’s attitudes and changes in societal awareness, many men in Illinois may remain very concerned about their ability to stay connected to their children during and after a divorce. The role of fathers in children’s lives is essential and it is important that a parenting plan or custody agreement take this into account for the good of the kids.

As explained by Fatherly, a leading digital brand for dads, there is an increasing amount of scientific exploration happening into the impact on children of having fathers actively involved in their lives. A dad does not need to be married to a child’s mother for the child to gain benefits from his participation in their life. Kids with involved dads have a reduced risk of aggressive behavior, experiencsing psychological problems, engaging in risky sex, struggling with obesity and even of becoming homeless.

These children also have a better chance of being involved in healthy interpersonal relationships than do their counterparts without positive paternal relationships. Focus on the Family adds that the natural differences in how men parent versus women provide unique benefits to kids.

Through rougher play and a male’s focus on justice and fairness, children are encouraged to become more independent and try new things. These are essential balancing components to the nurturing and security that mothers tend to foster in their children. When planning how to split time with children after a divorce, emphasis should be placed not only on the quantity of the time dads spend with their kids, but the quality as well.

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