How do you have a friendly divorce?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in divorce on Friday, May 24, 2019.

Couples seeking divorce in Illinois are almost sure to face some emotional challenges. If the divorce becomes contentious, that makes the proceedings much harder, both mentally and financially. An article in Psychology Today provides some tips for a collaborative divorce.

One suggestion is to look at the divorce as a gradual process, instead of one single event. Do not wait until after the settlement agreement is signed to start seeking emotional closure. Begin accepting that the relationship has ended well ahead of settlement negotiations. This will help you maintain a clear head and make the best decisions.

Another way to keep the waters calm is to frame what went wrong in a way that is free of blame. Honestly review why the relationship did not work out, but without added negative judgments. For instance, look at the stresses in your lives or differing goals that caused the relationship to end, which are nobody’s fault. Understanding why the relationship did not work out in a way that is free of blame will keep anger at bay as you navigate the proceedings.

Going separate ways is often the fresh start both people need, but that does not mean it is always easy. If you can manage to stay in a positive, collaborative mindset, you will often get through the divorce with less emotional and financial damage. By keeping your divorcee amicable, you will be starting your new life before you know it.

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